App development is a process of developing programs that are designed to work on handheld devices to give a computer-application like experience. Apps are available for different mobile operating systems these days and they provide a variety of functions and services to make both online and offline work easy. In today’s fast moving technology, it is now possible to create apps for all mobile platforms with the help of single set of codes. It is possible due to cross-platform technology i.e. PhoneGap mobile app development framework.

Different operating systems use different tools and programming languages for app development. They also have their own laws regarding manipulation of existing software, distribution of new apps, etc. In-app purchases, and advertising through apps is fast becoming a good source of income for developers across the world.

More often than not, an amateur app does not sell as good as a professional app. There are many app development companies that provide customised solutions to app programming in various programming languages. We, at VAS Webwork, provide you with many app optimization tools for different App Markets in Australia and around the world. We even provide analytics to determine how the app can work well for you.


Australian VAS Webwork offering world class Mobile App Design & Development services at affordable prices.

We serve clients from different countries and industries. Our values are what make us a leading firm in the competitive marketplace we call home.


Our staff of talented personnel boasts the business and technical expertise to strategize and design mobile apps that will dazzle your clients and help you reach your organization’s goals. At VAS Webwork we understand the importance of getting the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)  balanced. A perfectly combined UI / UX is where the App Design experience truly begins.

The App Design process is a crucial step in the long-term viability of any mobile or web application. The App UI / UX is often an extension of a company’s brand so it becomes even more crucial to ensure the visuals accurately reflect the company selling or offering the product or service.

We believe in creative thinking and always look outside the box! We have worked with some of the worlds largest brands and fully understand the importance of brand identity. The App Design process involves sitting down with our clients and prioritising the key objectives and outcomes they want from the app. A route map would then get drawn up to determine the most effective path to take to achieve the goals identified during  the App Design process. We will hash out the details and guide you through the process while keeping the dialogue open at all times. What you are trying to accomplish is key, as is the visual and functional design of the app. We’ll make sure these important matters are decided in a professional way that is most suitable of our prized clients.




At VAS Webwork we help company’s of all sizes bring their brand/ product and/ or service to life through a mobile or web service solution to create World Class Apps. We are with you at every stage of the Mobile & Web App Development process. Our products are thoroughly developed and tested to guarantee client satisfaction and brand enhancement for your company.



After the App Development phase is complete, we move to the App Delivery process ; a unique process that has worked exceptionally well for us over the years. Depending on whether the app is an Enterprise App or regular application, VAS Webwork have the tools and resources to take care of everything. In the case of an Enterprise App we will work with your internal IT department to ensure a seamless integration with your current operating systems.

We will look after uploading your application on whatever distribution platform you choose including: the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, Windows Phone Store etc.

When your app has been designed and developed and you’re totally happy with the finished product, we’ll help you get it out the door and onto the phones of your clientele. We know how App Development delivery systems work and can provide the necessary support and services to get your company’s latest piece of art onto the app marketplaces and into the public’s attention.

VAS Webwork can also help out with the maintenance of these apps on an ongoing basis should you wish. We are there for you even after the app hits the market. We provide 45 days of After Care Support when the App Development period is over and will be there to fix any bugs or technical issues that might arise.

We make every effort to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied and always go above and beyond their expectations.


Join the App Revolution Today

Why Develop An App? If you are reading this you are researching why your business might be considering developing mobile app. There are so many reasons why tens of thousands of companies all over the world are embracing the app revolution.

If you’re a company in this modern business environment, you’re probably fully aware of smartphone applications. But have you ever considered the opportunities that exist for your company? By leveraging these possibilities, you can advance your company and marketing strategy in several meaningful ways.

Public Relations – by creating a mobile app, you can increase your brand’s engagement with the media. Advertising the app on big marketplaces and providing a quality product can help you get onto media lists for great apps. Apps are big, and lots of articles are being written about them. By creating a mobile app, you can increase your chances of being mentioned in one of these articles.

Boost the brand – creating an app can help you endear your brand to millennial users and potentially expand your customer base. Additionally, you can add a dimension of modernity to your brand that will help you advertise your company at a low cost.

Compete – Let’s face it, your competitors most likely have mobile apps. Unless you can compete with their advertising and brand outreach strategy, you run the risk of being left behind in the commercial hustle. And if your competitors have not adopted a mobile app strategy, you can always get ahead of the pack and adopt a mobile campaign to gain an edge in the industry.

Make money – it shouldn’t be ignored that smart phone apps can be very easily monetized. By offering your products or services using the app or advertising other companies on the pages of your application, you can introduce a whole new revenue stream to your business.

From App to Social Media –by establishing an app and engaging customers directly from their smartphone, you can increase your exposure to fans on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. By forming these important connections, you can very likely increase your brand loyalty and drive profits.

Add function – a very important advantage of mobile apps is that they are, by definition, mobile. Mobile applications can provide a great amount of function to your product line by allowing your customers to access information and make online interactions from their phones. Enhancing the accessibility of your products and services is a great pathway to organically increasing customer loyalty by way of actually improving your product!

Why Develop An App? If you are still unsure about the merits of developing a mobile or web app for your business call VAS Webwork today for a hassle free chat on whether an app is the right fit for your business.


Creating a mobile application can provide many benefits to your company and the best way to figure them out is to start developing a mobile app strategy today.

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