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Why we do it

We gave up being Perfect for being Authentic.


Our upscale business domain experience helps us save Client’s precious time and deliver the right solutions for specific situations, right from Analysis & Consulting to Implementation.


We commit to make you stand out by implementing the best industry standards & practices which ensure of outstanding outcomes, allowing us to serve better with respect to cost, quality & deadlines.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:


We are responsive, offering a personal approach. Our consultants are there to build a relationship with you, and assist you in anyway.

Our Work

Since our founding we have worked with a wide selection of Aussie and International businesses, from SME’s to multinationals.

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What our clientele say

Stats shows that on average, a dissatisfied customer will tell 15 people about their experience while satisfied clients will tell only  5 people. We are experienced enough to know that satisfied clients are crucial to constructive working relationships, recurring business and referral leads.

“ Vikram is very impressive performer who is not just passionate in his work but brilliant in his thinking. He takes idea to the next level and he has an outstanding business mind.
VAS Webwork and Vikram have been of an enormous help in reaching the best solutions for my business and I highly recommend his services to any organisation or business.”

Alma Besserdin | Director, Wimmigrants

Telstra Business Women's awards Nominee, 2016

I have known Vikram professionally and have had the opportunity to read most of his internet work. It was refreshing and inspiring to talk with him in person and to do business. I was fascinated with his IT skills and knowledge of 21st century technology.

He did an excellent step developing our website and organisational information through the internet. I believe VAS Webwork and Vikram has been a major thrust in developing our organisational ‘PR” and I recommend VAS Webwork and Vikram to anyone searching for professional and intellectual relevance to their business in 21st Century.

There is no better proof of his positive attitude towards integrated technology management systems than his involvement with the development of integrated links between technologies and information.

Dr. Berhan Ahmed | CEO, AAMEYS

Victorian Australian of the year, 2009

Our flexible pricing packages

Choose the perfect package for your business with our flexible pricing packages that are suitable for anything from a mom & pop store to a multinational business.

Every package includes


Business Review & Analysis

We provide initial review and analyse your business for the future growth.


On Page Optimization

We provide on-page optimization to improve ranking in search engine.


SEO & Customer Support

We provide SEO analysis with unlimited ongoing support for your growing business.

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Reservoir 3073 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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